Summer Stories

So far the weather has been fantastic, we have not suffered with humid and extreme high temperatures. Rain has been scarce but we have had enough to keep North Devon looking green and lush. The vegetable plot is thriving and we are reaping the benefits.

This year we have made a lot of use out of Jerry’s home designed ram pump. Using the fall in the stream, we pump water up to the veg plot for all our watering – genius and best of all – FREE!!!

Jack the horse is still going strong – we are starting to wonder if he is immortal! He is around 28 years old, he looks great, keeps good care of his paddock and is ready to be ridden as soon as I am able!

While I write this we have 10 days to go until due date of baby number 2!! Violet (baby number 1) is almost 18 months and keeps us all busy. She spends most of her spare time playing with Jingle (our Labrador) they are the very best of friends.

Our wood stack is ready and drying for winter and next winters wood is half way there! We are finally replacing our ancient coal burning Aga to a much more environmentally friendly wood burning Rayburn.  More wood for Jerry to collect and process, but with his new wood shed built (a rather nifty shelter for Jack as well)! and ready at the end of the paddock, it is full steam ahead!

Have you a glut of courgettes yet?

Here is what we do with ours – Creamy Courgette Soup:

4 decent sized courgettes
1 litre of stock
curry powder
¾ tub or full fat cream cheese

Roughly chop courgettes, cook till soft with stock and curry powder – around 15-20, mix in the cream cheese, use a whizzer to whiz it, heat it up and serve it with chunky bread and butter. It also freezes really well – enjoy!!

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